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Xiangdong Fu
About Xiangdong Fu
Research Summary
Selected Publications
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 Selected Publications 
1. Wang, S., Wu, K., Yuan, Q., Liu, X., Liu, Z., Lin, X., Zeng, R., Zhu, H., Dong, G., Qian, Q., et al.
 (2012). Control of grain size, shape and quality by OsSPL16 in rice. Nature Genetics 44, 950-954.

2. Li, S., Liu, Y., Zheng, L., Chen, L., Li, N., Corke, F., Lu, Y., Fu, X., Zhu, Z., Bevan, M.W., et al. (2012).
 The plant-specific G protein gamma subunit AGG3 influences organ size and shape in Arabidopsis thaliana.
 New Phytologist 194, 690-703.

3. Gao, X., Xiao, S., Yao, Q., Wang, Y., and Fu, X. (2011). An updated GA signaling 'relief of repression' 
 regulatory model. Molecular Plant 4, 601-606.

4. Wu, J., Kong, X., Wan, J., Liu, X., Zhang, X., Guo, X., Zhou, R., Zhao, G., Jing, R., Fu, X., et al. (2011).
 Dominant and pleiotropic effects of a GAI gene in wheat results from a lack of interaction between
 DELLA and GID1. Plant Physiology 157, 2120-2130.

5. Wang, F., Zhu, D., Huang, X., Li, S., Gong, Y., Yao, Q., Fu, X., Fan, L., and Deng, X. (2009).
 Biochemical insights on degradation of Arabidopsis DELLA proteins gained from a cell-free assay system.
Plant Cell 21, 2378-2390.

6. Huang, X., Qian, Q., Liu, Z., Sun, H., He, S., Luo, D., Xia, G., Chu, C., Li, J., and Fu, X. (2009). Natural
 variation at the DEP1 locus enhances grain yield in rice. Nature Genetics 41, 494-497.

7. Liu, B., Wu, Y., Fu, X., and Qian, Q. (2008). Characterizations and molecular mapping of a novel 
 dominant semi-dwarf gene Sdd(t) in rice (Oryza sativa). Plant Breeding 127, 125-130.

8. Gao, X., Huang, X., Xiao, S., and Fu, X. (2008). Evolutionarily conserved DELLA-mediated gibberellin
 signaling in plants. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 50, 825-834.

9. Feng, S., Martinez, C., Gusmaroli, G., Wang, Y., Zhou, J., Wang, F., Chen, L., Yu, L., Iglesias-Pedraz, J.M.,
 Kircher, S., et al. (2008). Coordinated regulation of Arabidopsis thaliana development by light and
 gibberellins. Nature 451, 475-479.

10. Jiang, C., Gao, X., Liao, L., Harberd, N.P., and Fu, X. (2007). Phosphate starvation root architecture and
  anthocyanin accumulation responses are modulated by the gibberellin-DELLA signaling pathway in
  Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 145, 1460-1470.

11. Jiang, C., and Fu, X. (2007). GA action: turning on de-DELLA repressing signaling.
Current Opinion in
  Plant Biology
10, 461-465.

12. Achard, P., Liao, L., Jiang, C., Desnos, T., Bartlett, J., Fu, X., and Harberd, N.P. (2007). DELLAs
  contribute to plant photomorphogenesis. Plant Physiology 143, 1163-1172.

13. Luo, A., Qian, Q., Yin, H., Liu, X., Yin, C., Lan, Y., Tang, J., Tang, Z., Cao, S., Wang, X., et al. (2006).
  EUI1, encoding a putative cytochrome P450 monooxygenase, regulates internode elongation by modulating
  gibberellin responses in rice. Plant Cell Physiology 47, 181-191.

14. Fu, X., Richards, D.E., Fleck, B., Xie, D., Burton, N., and Harberd, N.P. (2004). The Arabidopsis mutant
  sleepy1gar2-1 protein promotes plant growth by increasing the affinity of the SCFSLY1 E3 ubiquitin ligase
  for DELLA protein substrates. The Plant Cell 16, 1406-1418.

15. Cheng, H., Qin, L., Lee, S., Fu, X., Richards, D.E., Cao, D., Luo, D., Harberd, N.P., and Peng, J. (2004).
   Gibberellin regulates Arabidopsis floral development via suppression of DELLA protein function.
  Development 131, 1055-1064.

16. Fu, X., and Harberd, N.P. (2003). Auxin promotes Arabidopsis root growth by modulating gibberellin
  response.Nature 421, 740-743.

17. Fu, X., Richards, D.E., Ait-Ali, T., Hynes, L.W., Ougham, H., Peng, J., and Harberd, N.P. (2002). 
  Gibberellin-mediated proteasome-dependent degradation of the barley DELLA protein SLN1 repressor. 
  The Plant Cell 14, 3191-3200.

18. Fu, X., Sudhakar, D., Peng, J., Richards, D.E., Christou, P., and Harberd, N.P. (2001). Expression of
  Arabidopsis GAI in transgenic rice represses multiple gibberellin responses. The Plant Cell 13,

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