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Publications in 2013
 Date:11-11-2016 Page Views:

1.        H.Q. Ling, S.C. Zhao, D.C. Liu, J.Y. Wang, H. Sun, C. Zhang, H.J. Fan, D. Li, L.L. Dong, Y. Tao, et al. Draft genome of the wheat A-genome progenitor Triticum urartu. Nature 2013, 496: 87-90 

2.        Q.W. Shan, Y.P. Wang, J. Li, Y. Zhang, K.L. Chen, Z. Liang, K. Zhang, J.X. Liu, J.Z. Jeff Xi, J.L. Qiu, and C.X. Gao. Targeted genome modification of crop plants using a CRISPR-Cas system. Nature Biotechnology 2013, 31: 686-688 

3.        S.L. Fu, Z.L. Lv, Z. Gao, H. Wu, J. Pang, B. Zhang, Q. Dong, X. Guo, X.J. Wang, J.A. Birchler, and F.P. Han. De novo centromere formation on a chromosome fragment in maize. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110: 6033-6036 

4.        H. Zhang, Y. Bian, X. Gou, Y. Dong, S. Rustgi, B. Zhang, C. Xu, N. Li, B. Qi, F.P. Han, D. Von Wettstein, and B. Liu. Intrinsic karyotype stability and gene copy number variations may have laid the foundation for tetraploid wheat formation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110: 19466-19471. 

5.        H. Zhang, Y. Bian, X. Gou, B. Zhu, C. Xu, B. Qi, N. Li, S. Rustgi, H. Zhou, F.P. Han, J. Jiang, D. Von Wettstein, and B. Liu. Persistent whole-chromosome aneuploidy is generally associated with nascent allohexaploid wheat. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013, 110: 3447-3452 

6.        T. Xia, N. Li, J. Dumenil, J. Li, A. Kamenski, M.W. Bevan, F. Gao, and Y.H. Li. The ubiquitin receptor DA1 interacts with the E3 ubiquitin ligase DA2 to regulate seed and organ size in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 2013, 25: 3347-3359 

7.        H. Shi, Q.J. Shen, Y. Qi, H. Yan, H.Z. Nie, Y.F. Chen, T. Zhao, F. Katagiri, and D.Z. Tang. BR-Signaling KinaSE1 physically associates with Flagellin Sensing2 and regulates plant innate immunity in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 2013, 25: 1143-1157 

8.        Y. Wang, B. Yu, J. Zhao, J. Guo, Y. Li, S. Han, L. Huang, Y. Du, Y. Hong, D.Z. Tang, and Y.L. Liu. Autophagy contributes to leaf starch degradation. The Plant Cell 2013, 25: 1383-1399 

9.        C. Chang, D. Yu, J. Jiao, S.J Jing, P. Schulze-Lefert, and Q.H. Shen. Barley MLA immune receptors directly interfere with antagonistically acting transcription factors to initiate disease resistance signaling. The Plant Cell 2013, 25: 1158-1173 

10.    J. Zhang, W. P. Pawlowski, and F.P. Han. Centromere pairing in early meiotic prophase requires active centromeres and precedes installation of the synaptonemal complex in maize. The Plant Cell 2013, 25: 3900-3909 

11.    B. Zhang, Z.L. Lv, J. Pang, Y. Liu, X. Guo, S.L. Fu, J. Li, Q. Dong, H.J. Wu, Z. Gao, X.J. Wang, and F.P. Han. Formation of a functional maize centromere after loss of centromeric sequences and gain of ectopic sequences. The Plant Cell 2013, 25: 1979-1989 

12.    Z. Lu, H. Yu, G. Xiong, J. Wang, Y. Jiao, G. Liu, Y. Jing, X. Meng, X. Hu, Q. Qian, X. Fu, Y. Wang, and J. Li. Genome-wide binding analysis of the transcription activator IDEAL PLANT ARCHITECTURE1 reveals a complex network regulating rice plant Architecture. The Plant Cell 2013, 25: 3743-3759 

13.    Y.M. Du, J.P. Zhao, T.Y. Chen, Q. Liu, H.L. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y.G Hong, F.M. Xiao, L. Zhang, and Q.H. Shen, Y.L. Liu. Type I J-domain NbMIP1 proteins are required for both Tobacco mosaic virus infection and plant innate immunity. PLoS Pathogens 2013, 9: e1003659 

14.    N. Sardesai, L. Y. Lee, H. Chen, H. Yi, G. R. Olbricht, A. Stirnberg, J. Jeffries, K. Xiong, R. W. Doerge, and S. B. Gelvin. Cytokinins secreted by agrobacterium promote transformation by repressing a plant Myb transcription factor. Science Signaling 2013, 6: ra100 

15.    L.H. Zhang, B. Hu, W. Li, R.H. Che, K. Deng, H. Li, F.Y. Yu, H.Q. Ling, Y.J. Li, and C.C. Chu. OsPT2, a phosphate transporter, is involved in the active uptake of selenite in rice. New Phytologist 2013, DOI: 10.1111/nph.12596 

16.    P.G Duan, Y. Rao, D. Zeng, Y. Yang, R. Xu, B. Zhang, G. Dong, Q. Qian, and Y.H. Li. SMALL GRAIN 1, which encodes a mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 4 (MKK4), influences grain size in rice. The Plant Journal 2013, doi: 10.1111/tpj.12405.  

17.    Z. Zhou, Z. Wang, W. Li, C. Fang, Y. Shen, C. Li, Y. Wu, and Z. Tian. Comprehensive analyses of microRNA gene evolution in paleopolyploid soybean genome. The Plant Journal 2013, 76: 332-344 

18.    Y.J. Luo, Z. Wang, H.T. Ji, H. Fang, S. Wang, L. Tian, and X. Li. An Arabidopsis homolog of importin beta1 is required for ABA response and drought tolerance. The Plant Journal 2013, 75: 377-389 

19.    H.J. Fan, Z.L. Zhang, N. Wang, Y. Cui, H. Sun, Y. Liu, H.L. Wu, S.S. Zheng, S.L. Bao, and H.Q. Ling. SKB1/PRMT5-mediated histone H4R3 dimethylation of Ib subgroup bHLH genes negatively regulates iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana. The Plant Journal 2013, DOI: 10.1111/tpj.12380 

20.    Y. Peng, W. Ma, L. Chen, L. Yang, S. Li, H. Zhao, Y. Zhao, W. Jin, N. Li, M. W. Bevan, X. Li, Y. Tong, and Y. Li. Control of root meristem size by DA1-RELATED PROTEIN2 in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 2013, 161: 1542-1556 

21.    Z. Dong, C. Jiang, X. Chen, T. Zhang, L. Ding, W. Song, H. Luo, J. Lai, H.B. Chen, R. Liu, X. Zhang, and W.W. Jin. Maize LAZY1 mediates shoot gravitropism and inflorescence development through regulating auxin transport, auxin signaling, and light response. Plant Physiology 2013, 163: 1306-1322 

22.    Q.W. Shan, Y. Wang, K.L. Chen, Z. Liang, J. Li, Y. Zhang, K. Zhang, J.X. Liu, D. F. Voytas, X. Zheng, Y. Zhang, and C.X. Gao. Rapid and efficient gene modification in rice and brachypodium using TALENs. Molecular Plant 2013, 6: 1365-1368 

23.    H.T. Ji, J. M. Pardo, G. Batelli, M. J. Van Oosten, R. A. Bressan, and X. Li. The salt overly sensitive (SOS) pathway: established and emerging roles. Molecular Plant 2013, 6: 275-286 

24.    X.Q. Song, L.F. Liu, Y.J. Jiang, B.C. Zhang, Y.P. Gao, X.L. Liu, Q.S. Lin, H.Q. Ling, and Y.H. Zhou. Disruption of secondary wall cellulose biosynthesis alters cadmium translocation and tolerance in rice plants. Molecular Plant 2013, 6: 768-780 

25.    N. Wang, Y. Cui, Y. Liu, H. Fan, J. Du, Z. Huang, Y. Yuan, H. Wu, and H. Q. Ling. Requirement and functional redundancy of Ib subgroup bHLH proteins for iron deficiency responses and uptake in Arabidopsis thaliana. Molecular Plant 2013, 6: 503-513 

26.    X.F. Zhang, D.C. Liu, J.H. Zhang, W.Jiang, G.B. Luo, W.L. Yang, J.Z. Sun, Y.P. Tong, D.Q. Cui, and A.M. Zhang. Novel insights into the composition, variation, organization, and expression of the low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit gene family in common wheat. Journal of Experimental Botany 2013, 64: 2027-2040 

27.    W. Teng, Y. Deng, X.P. Chen, X.F. Xu, R.Y. Chen, Y. Lv, Y.Y. Zhao, X.Q. Zhao, X. He, B. Li, Y.P. Tong, F.S. Zhang, and Z. S. Li. Characterization of root response to phosphorus supply from morphology to gene analysis in field-grown wheat. Journal of Experimental Botany 2013, 64: 1403-1411 

28.    C. Zhao, C. Waalwijk, P. J. De Wit, D. Tang, and T. Van Der Lee. RNA-Seq analysis reveals new gene models and alternative splicing in the fungal pathogen Fusarium graminearum. Bmc Genomics 2013, 14: 21 

29.    R. E. Masonbrink, S.L. Fu, F.P. Han, and J. A. Birchler. Heritable loss of replication control of a minichromosome derived From the B chromosome of maize. Genetics 2013, 193: 77-84 

30.    A.X. Li, W.L. Yang, X.Y. Lou, D.C. Liu, J.Z. Sun, X.L. Guo, Jing Wang, Y.W. Li, K.H. Zhan, and A.M. Zhang. Novel natural allelic variations at the Rht1 loci in wheat. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 2013, 55 10261037 

31.    C. Deng, L. Bai, S.L. Fu, W. Yin, Y. Zhang, Y. Chen, R.R. Wang, X.Q. Zhang, F.P. Han, and Z.M. Hu. Microdissection and chromosome painting of the alien chromosome in an addition line of wheat Thinopyrum intermedium. PLoS One 2013, 8: e72564 

32.    X. Huang, X. Liu, X. Chen, A. Snyder, and W.Y. Song. Members of the XB3 family from diverse plant species induce programmed cell death in Nicotiana benthamiana. PLoS One 2013, 8: e63868 

33.    D. Li, L. Wang, X. Liu, D. Cui, T.T. Chen, H. Zhang, C. Jiang, C. Xu, P. Li, S. Li, L. Zhao, and H.B. Chen. Deep sequencing of maize small RNAs reveals a diverse set of microRNA in dry and imbibed seeds. PLoS One 2013, 8: e55107 

34.    K.P. Zhang, J. Wang, L. Zhang, C. Rong, F. Zhao, T. Peng, H. Li, D. Cheng, X. Liu, H.J. Qin, A.M. Zhang, Y.P. Tong, and D.W. Wang. Association analysis of genomic loci important for grain weight control in elite common wheat varieties cultivated with variable water and fertiliser supply. PLoS One 2013, 8: e57853 

35.    Z.Y. Dong, Y. Yang, Y. Li, K.P. Zhang, H. Lou, X. An, L. Dong, Y. Q. Gu, O. D. Anderson, X. Liu, H.J. Qin, and D.W. Wang. Haplotype variation of glu-d1 locus and the origin of glu-d1d allele conferring superior end-use qualities in common wheat. PLoS One 2013, 8: e74859 

36.    Y.M. Zou, Y.N. Wang, L.X. Wang, L. Yang, R.Wang, and X. Li. miR172b controls the transition to autotrophic development inhibited by ABA in Arabidopsis. PLoS One 2013, 8: e64770 

37.    W.B. Long, Y. Li, W.J. Zhou, H.Q.Ling, and S.S. Zheng. Sequence-based SSR marker development and their application in defining the introgressions of LA0716 (Solanum pennellii) in the background of cv. M82 (Solanum lycopersicum). PLoS One 2013, 8: e81091 

38.    H. Zhao, L. Liu, H. Mo, L. Qian, Y. Cao, S. Cui, X. Li, and L.G. Ma. The ATP-binding cassette transporter ABCB19 regulates postembryonic organ separation in Arabidopsis. PLoS One 2013, 8: e60809 

39.    Y. Yang, S. Li, K. Zhang, Z. Dong, Y. Li, X. An, J. Chen, Q. Chen, Z. Jiao, X. Liu, H.J. Qin, and D.W. Wang. Efficient isolation of ion beam-induced mutants for homoeologous loci in common wheat and comparison of the contributions of Glu-1 loci to gluten functionality. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 2013, 10.1007/s00122-013-2224-4 

40.    J. Wang, J.H. Sun, J. Miao, J.K. Guo, Z.L. Shi, M.Q. He, Y. Chen, X.Q. Zhao, B. Li, F.P. Han, Y.P. Tong, and Z.S. Li. A phosphate starvation response regulator Ta-PHR1 is involved in phosphate signalling and increases grain yield in wheat. Annals of Botany 2013, 111: 1139-1153 

41.    F. Cui, C.H. Zhao, J. Li, A.M. Ding, X.F. Li, Y.G. Bao, J.M. Li, J. Ji, and H.G. Wang. Kernel weight per spike: what contributes to it at the individual QTL level?. Molecular Breeding 2013, 31: 265-278 

42.    F.M. Wang, S.M. Zhao, Y.H. Han, Y.T. Shao, Z.Y. Dong, Y. Gao, K.P. Zhang, X. Liu, D.W. Li, J.H. Chang, and D.W. Wang. Efficient and fine mapping of RMES1 conferring resistance to sorghum aphid Melanaphis sacchari. Molecular Breeding 2013, 31: 777-784 

43.    A.X. Li, W.L. Yanga, S.J. Li, D.C. Liu, X.L. Guo, J.Z. Sun, and A.M. Zhang. Molecular characterization of three GIBBERELLIN-INSENSITIVE DWARF1 homologous genes in hexaploid wheat. Journal of Plant Physiology 2013, 170: 432-443 

44.    Z.H. He, H.W. Li, Y. Shen, Z.S. Li, and H. Mi. Comparative analysis of the chloroplast proteomes of a wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) single seed descent line and its parents. Journal of Plant Physiology 2013, 170: 1139-1147 

45.    C.Y. Guo, G.H. Wu, J. Xing, W.Q. Li, D.Z. Tang, and B.M. Cui. A mutation in a coproporphyrinogen III oxidase gene confers growth inhibition, enhanced powdery mildew resistance and powdery mildew-induced cell death in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell Reports 2013, 32: 687-702 

46.    C.Y. Gong, S.H. Cao, R.C. Fan, B. Wei, G.P. Chen, X.P.Wang, Y.W. Li, and X.Q. Zhang. Identification and phylogenetic analysis of a CC-NBS-LRR encoding gene assigned on chromosome 7B of wheat. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2013, 14: 15330-15347 

47.    Z.H. Dong, L. Shi, Y.M. Wang, L. Chen, Z.M. Cai, Y.N. Wang, J.B. Jin, and X. Li. Identification and dynamic regulation of microRNAs involved in salt stress responses in functional soybean nodules by high-throughput Sequencing. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2013, 14: 2717-2738 

48.    D.X. Lia, H.L. Liu, Y.Z. Qiao, Y.N. Wang, Z.M. Cai, B.D. Dong, C.H. Shi, Y.Y. Liu, X. Li, and M.Y. Liu. Effects of elevated CO2on the growth, seed yield, and water useefficiency of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) under drought stress. Agricultural Water Management 2013, 129: 105-112 

49.    T.Q. Wu, D.Z. Tang, W.D. Chen, H.X. Huang, R. Wang, and Y.F. Chen. Expression of antimicrobial peptides thanatin(S) in transgenic Arabidopsis enhanced resistance to phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria. Gene 2013, 527: 235-242 

50.    K.L. Chen, and C.X. Gao. TALENs: customizable molecular DNA scissors for genome engineering of plants. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2013, 40: 271-279 

51.    S.L. Fu, Z.L. Lv, X. Guo, X.Q. Zhang, and F.P. Han. Alteration of terminal heterochromatin and chromosome rearrangements in derivatives of wheat-rye hybrids. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2013, 40: 413-420 

52.    J. A. Birchler, and F.P. Han. Centromere epigenetics in plants. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2013, 40: 201-204 

53.    C. Fang, W.Y. Li, G.Q. Li, Z. Wang, Z.K. Zhou, Y.M. Ma, Y.T. Shen, C.C. Li, Y.S. Wu, B.G. Zhu, W.C. Yang, and Z.X. Tian. Cloning of Ln gene through combined approach of map-based cloning and association study in soybean. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2013, 40: 93-96 

54.    D.Y. Kong, C. Chen, H.L. Wu, Y. Li, J. Li, and H.Q. Ling. Sequence diversity and enzyme activity of ferric-chelate reductase LeFRO1 in tomato. Journal of Genetics and Genomics 2013, 40: 565-573 

55.    B. Li, Y.P. Yang, C.M. Yu, S.M. Li, J.Chen, X. Liu, H.J. Qin, and D.W.Wang. Partial suppression of l-galactono-1, 4-lactone dehydrogenase causes significant reduction in leaf water loss through decreasing stomatal aperture size in Arabidopsis. Plant Growth Regulation 2013: 1-9 

56.    T.Q. Wu, Y.F. Chen, W.D. Chen, S.H, Zou, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.E. Lin, Z.J. Liang, and D.Z. Tang. Transgenic expression of an insect diapause-specific peptide (DSP) in Arabidopsis resists phytopathogenic fungal attacks. European Journal of Plant Pathology 2013: 1-9 

57.    Y.X. Cai, Z.Y. Dong, Songmin Zhao, Y.h. Han, Y.t. Shao, M. Lu, H.J. Qin, X. Liu, D.W.Wang, and Yuhe Chen. Genome-wide analysis of polyphenol oxidase genes and their transcriptional patterns during grain development in sorghum. International Journal of Plant Sciences 2013, 174: 710-721 

58.    T.T. Chen, L.H. Ning, X. Liu, D.Z. Cui, H .Zhang, D.T. Li, L. Zhao, and H.B. Chen. Development of functional molecular markers of I and IIb for the high amylose maize germplasm line GEMS-0067. Crop Science 2013, 53: 482-490 

59.    J. Wang, W. Zhang, H. Zhao, F.R. Li, Z.G. Wang, J. Ji, X.Q. Zhang, D.W. Wang, and J.M. Li. Molecular cytogenetic characterization of the Aegilops biuncialis karyotype. Genetics and  Molecular Research 2013, 12: 683-692 

60.    G. Z. Kang, G. Q. Liu, W. Xu, Y. J. Zhu, C. Y. Wang, H. Q. Ling, and T. C. Guo. Identification of the isoamylase 3 gene in common wheat and its expression profile during the grain-filling period. Genetics and  Molecular Research 2013, 12: 4264-4275 

61.    H. Zhang, F. Cui, L. Wang, J. Li, A.M. Ding, C.H. Zhao, Y.G Bao, Q.P. Yang, and H.G.Wang. Conditional and unconditional QTL mapping of drought-tolerance-related traits of wheat seedling using two related RIL populations. Journal of Genetics 2013, 92: 213-231 

62.    A.M. Ding, F. Cui, J. Li, C.H. Zhao, L. Wang, X.L. Qi, Y.G. Bao, X.F. Li, and H.G. Wang. QTL mapping for grain yield conditioned on its component traits in two RIL populations of bread wheat. Cereal Research Communications 2013, 41: 45-53 

63.    R.L. Shi, Y.P. Tong, R.L. Jing, F S. Zhang, and C.Q. Zou. Characterization of quantitative trait loci for grain minerals in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Journal of Integrative Agriculture 2013, 12: 1512-1521 

64.    D.X. Li, H.L. Liu, Y.Z. Qiao, Y.N. Wang, B.D. Dong, Z.M. Cai, C.H. Shi, Y.Y. Liu, X. Li, and M.Y. Liu. Physiological regulation of soybean (Glycine mas L. Merr,) growth in response to drought under elevated CO2.Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 2013, 11: 649-654 

65.    H. Zhao, W. Zhang, J. Wang, F.R. Li, F. Cui, J. Ji, D.W.Wang, and J.M. Li. Comparative study on drought tolerance of wheat and wheat-Aegilops biuncialis 6Ub addition lines. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 2013, 11: 1046-1052 

66.    C. Chang, L. Zhang, and Q.H. Shen. Partitioning, repressing and derepressing: dynamic regulations in MLA immune receptor triggered defense signaling. Front Plant Sciences 2013, 4: 396 

67.    Z. Gao, F.P. Han, T. V. Danilova, J. C. Lamb, P. S. Albert, and J. A. Birchler. Labeling meiotic chromosomes in maize with fluorescence in situ hybridization. Methods in Molecular Biology 2013, 990: 35-43 

68.    Y.C.g Peng, L.L. Chen, Y.R. Lu, W.Y. Ma, Y.P. Tong, and Y.H. Li. DAR2 acts as an important node connecting cytokinin, auxin, SHY2 and PLT1/2 in root meristem size control. Plant Signaling & Behavior 2013, 8: e24226 

69.    H. Shi, H.J. Yan, J. Li, and D.Z. Tang. BSK1, a receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase, involved in both BR signaling and innate immunity in Arabidopsis. Plant Signaling & Behavior 2013, 8: e24996 

70.    E. Kong, D.C. Liu, X.L. Guo, W.L. Yang, J.Z. Sun, Xin Li, K.H. Zhan, D.Q. Cui, J.X. Lin, and A.M. Zhang. Anatomical and chemical characteristics associated with lodging resistance in wheat. Crop Journal 2013, 1: 43-49 

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